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Month: September, 2014

Facts of Lice

Posted by Becky Dryfhout | Lice Facts

What are lice? Head lice are tiny six-legged blood-sucking parasites. Each leg is equipped with a claw, enabling the lice to grasp onto the shaft of the child’s hair. They can vary in color from grayish white to reddish brown. Head lice, like chameleons, have the ability to adapt to their environment. The female louse […]

Are head lice dangerous?

Posted by Becky Dryfhout | Lice Facts

For the most part, head lice themselves are an irritating problem. While in some cases their saliva can produce an allergic reaction among certain individuals, these reactions are usually mild compared to the risk involved with many shampoo products.¬†Products containing Lindane have caused the greatest concerns. Exposure to the neurotoxic product has been linked to […]