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Nits No More is an in-home lice relief service that treats and eliminates head lice.

Our Services

Head Checks

Not sure if you have head lice, but want someone to check?  We offer head checks to help identify possible infestations. We strongly encourage this before you waste your time and money treating needlessly.

Complete Lice and Nit Removal

Our trained technicians are available to assist you in the removal of lice and their nits.  We use only safe, nontoxic, yet effective products when working with your family. Our technicians are skilled in finding even the smallest nymph.  We work with paper thin strands of hair, combing and nit picking, inch by inch. During the visit we will work closely with your family to help educate them in head lice issues and to offer a variety of preventative steps in an attempt to safeguard your household from reoccurring cases. We will stay with your family as long as necessary, to help them through this current infestation and to keep them safe from possible re-exposure.

Once treated, your child will be returned to class, nit free, with a certificate stating completion of treatment and date of the required follow-up visit. Our goal is to help keep your family safe from head lice today, as well as in the future.

Follow-Up Visits & Re-checks

Follow-up visits are a vital part of the treatment process to ensure your family remains lice free.

  • We encourage 2 clean rechecks following the initial treatment process
  • Rechecks are scheduled within 5 to 7 days depending upon client’s availability and the severity of the case on the clients initial visit.
  • Each recheck includes another check of the scalp and complete combining of the head.
Rechecks are extremely important for those individuals that knowingly expose themselves to lice infested environments.  (i.e. a school with severe head lice infestations, family members or friends also battling head lice, etc.)

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Head Checks and Complete Lice Removal - Nits No More
Services - Head Checks

$40/ person

 $25 each additional family member

 (If lice are found and you choose treatment, the head check fee is waived)

 School / Camp checks: $1/head, min 100

Services - Treatment Rates

Weekdays 9 – 5 pm $80/hr

Outside Regular Hours $100/hr

Re-Checks $25/head


Services - Length of Treatment

Average treatment will take 2 – 3 hours

Many variables impact the length of an individual treatment such as hair thickness and length, severity of infestation, and cooperation of individual.

Services - Before Treatment

Before Treatment

Please have have hair washed and completely dry.  No products such as gels or hairspray should be applied to the hair as this makes the technican’s job more difficult and time consuming.

Please have hair brushed or combed out before arrival to save time.

Have all family members wear a button down or zip up shirt for easy removal after treatment.

While we will make every attempt to make your child as comfortable as possible, he/she will be sitting for an extending period of time (1.5 to 3 hours). We strongly encourage you to have their favorite book, iPod, iPad, or DVD handy for them.

We strongly encourage you to have all family members on hand so every member can be checked.  This helps minimize the odds of re-infestation and ensures your school that you have done your part in identifying other potential contact issues.

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